I Sunday Nov.? 

Hi,  welcome back it’s nice to see again. Those of you who know me know I can be a tad emotional,  maybe even a little sensitive at times. lol.  I can hear your eyes roll in mass 😂😂😂.

Since Friday as you know I’ve been dealing with the emotional stuff that comes with even a general diagnosis of cancer. I’ll get the real deal of what’s up this coming week.  The type of and stage ect. So be warned this week could get pretty heavy. On the more joyous side of things I’ve been inspired to right more than normal and from a deeper place. (if possible lol)  

I’ve been trying to paint all weekend and doing so with some success. I’ll be posting  updates shortly. I just want you all to know how important you are to me. Really I know it’s silly to say “barfly style, to all my friends”  but truly even to those who add to the ticker, thank you.  I’ve been sharing here since before I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2011 just after turning 41. 

My entire pain journal is uploaded for the world to see. As well as a blow by of my adventures as the Traveling painter, Power tools and Parkinson’s not to mention 4 years of not so private journals entries and years of art and poetic writings.   

Now, now I  deal with the big C. So before things get absolutely bat shit crazy around here I want again to express the huge amount of gratitude and appreciation I have for everyone here. Now some paint..  

Here we have the under coat was 24×36 inch piece. I’m waiting for the varnish to set the colors then will come a much darker top coat with will create a massive contrast shift…you’ll see trust me, it’s cool. 

These two purple pieces are companion pieces that will either end up looking t by e same lol or I’ll get lucky and they’ll be complimentary to each other. So there it is guys that’s what’s up with me 

Again thank you all so much for your love and continued support. Together we will BEAT CANCER and #thrive with Parkinson’s disease.. Lol.  Well the best I can right. No mountain climbing *Brian Grant story about Mt. Hood climb.for me. 

As always. “Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.” 

 Benjamin. 2016 

“a life in progress. “

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