Watch “Lyrics~Stand By Me-Ben E. King” on YouTube

We temporarily interrupt your normally scheduled program:

Hi,  just wanted to say hi and that I  think all of you are amazing humans. Special and strong, intelligent and beautiful each in your own ways. Some of you I’ve met and some of you wish we’d never met,  sorry bout that. 50/50 right. Lol. I digress. 

Turns out ye Ole CT scanner found reason enough with my blood work and weight-loss to warrant a peek and snip(biopsy)  on the right hand tonsil, lymph section of my neck… So there you go,  you know exactly what I do. 

And yes for those of you who know me,  I’m a giant baby and am freaking my fucking cookies lol.  See a 50/50 chance in my book is never good odds. I’ve learned in a pinch always bet on the house and this time sadly and honestly I don’t feel lucky. But hey they say it’s rare to have Parkinson’s and cancer. Somehow I don’t believe that either. 

Cheers and for old times sake. “Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.”  you never know when it’s going to change, and it will. I guarantee that. 

Always. Benjamin 2016      “a life in progress“  

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