Am words and music.. 

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope that your Halloween weekend or Samhain to some has been going well. I went to a life long friends Halloween party, it’s kind of a historical event. See an old roommate of mine Jim he and I used to throw the evil moon party. Once Jim ended that legacy H picked it up and well 12 years later those of us still alive from the old school are going as well as the new crew. It’s pretty fun to see old friends. 
I’ve been trying to deal with some wicked heavy emotional stuff but I’m trying to keep it private. I have a habit of spilling my guts in all the wrong places. So this time. No words,  more art lol. 
Thought of the day: Can one love without trust? A friend and I were having a conversation about love and this question can up..

Anyhow  today is a new day anything is possible, I’m. A firm believer in giving the day a chance. One of the things my new medical team has really been pushing with me since started is that, yes Benjamin you have PD and I need to start making myself happy. Every day making sure that my actions, behavior,  reflect the person I am and want to be. So again everyday we need to decide  who and what  we want in our lives and what we want out of those relationships. It’s a hard question when dealing with matters of the heart and soul but truly one must be honest and mindful of others. I’ve made some amazingly hard choices over the last 5 years since being Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. All I can say is in life… You cannot base your happiness on the actions of others, because in reality you’ve put your expectations of happiest on their behavior and really that’s not fair. They are their own person and only as an act of kindness from them done see their true gift. 

*phew,  made it. lol. Usually these days I forget halfway through my thought streams. 
So todays goals:
Be kind.
BE honest with myself and others.
Do one act of random kindness.
Do you at least one thing that is purely for myself.

Parkinson’s report:
(1-10) 1 is good.10 is really bad.
** so yes today I feel like poop
Okay guys that’s it for now. Hope you have a great day and thank you as always for your support, time and loves.
“a life in progress”

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