4am words 

The rains have come again washing away the truth behind your words leaving slivers of what was and what is behind.
Leaving only traces of the truth blended with the opinions you’ve been given by others agenda.
These spectacles of human leeches fill their minds with the sweet smell of conquest as they glimpse and grasp at stanzas bleached as the white sand of time. Blue birds deliver private messages in the dark hidden from thought and sight. A private island built for as many one likes.
Such modern day convinces lead to wandering heart and fluttering feelings floating freely for foes to feel…. Frightening 😉
4am words are for the birds I should be sleeping with the fishes,plenty O’

*fictional, nonsensical, words with rambling from a very tired over stressed parky dude.
Adieu. B. 2016
“a life in progress. “

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