It’s midnight somewhere 

Such a soulful sound 

One I can’t be around 

Till my feet 

Touch the ground……

Have you seen my body…

🎵Cause, every body needs some body to love. (Someone to love) 

Though such lyrical twist, I do remiss 

Some of the choices I did dismiss 

Like blueberry waffles and pumpkin pie 

Humming bird hill

Or in ghettos they lye 

Bleached to perfection a botanical delection guess there’s 

Something I forgot to mention 

Girl would you take my hand 

Be soft or command whichever the day refuse..

Don’t lose yourself in this place of pride

Stand by your choices , speak with all your voices

Honor your love, be the white dove, cause there isn’t 

Anything in this world without your love..

🎵Cause, every body needs some body to love. (Someone to love) 
***okay so there ya go some totally random yet rather thoughtful semi poetic, slightly rappy word stuff that leaked from my head after a rather long freaking stressful weekend lol. 

🎵 yes, I’m actually letting you inside my 🙉 Just so you can enjoy the soundtrack in my head 

Right then humans I’m sleepy now. Physio and OT today up at the big hospital. I did a ton of neck work which  was lovely since I’ve only a few degrees motion on the left side before I’m thoroughly stretched. It’s funny. Because people will see me in the daytime and think, gosh Benjamin is moving great today… Then for those very few who’ve actually seen me first thing in the morning I think it can be a bit of a surprise.

Anyhow now I’m just being goofy. To those of you who actually read down this far… Nicely done you made it to the end. 🏆🏆🏆

Please remember as you go about your day that you are loved,you have value,selfworth and are worthy of respect from everyone including yourself.

Always B.
“A life in progress.”

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