This day

This day has no name for it shall never come again. It was a hard day maybe one of the worst or maybe just one of many I guess only time will tell.
This day came again and it had no name for it was something that I had to do… It was time frozen in a heart locked in box put away by boy a long….Long time ago.
In this frozen space a place where all was forgotten he kept a small piece of himself hidden away. Lost for all to find. This was his hope his dreams forever locked away.
In this heart a box in this box a heart always locked never to show again the true true. Has his story of love been written so many times and in so many ways that the ending has no choice but look the same…..
This day came and it looked like no other. The small boy moves so slowly to open this box again to once again read the story that had been told a thousand times in a thousand languages for a thousand thousand years.
With trembling hands and heart the child opens this box of hardwood and craft, built of fire and hell, scribed by demons and angels alike. He pulls a scroll from this place of trust and naivety and with a whispered breath speaks one word……
The End.
“Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have”™

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