Science time: 101

Once upon time in a land far away I didn’t have a care in the world… Ha. Right,  me not sensitive πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’ve always been sensitive who I’m a kidding.

      “so many questions.”
      acrylic and ink on masonite.
      2012. Parkinson’s series.

      SCIENCE TIME :101

      Stage three is a tad ambiguous so I’ve included a list of symptoms. Keep in mind that in stage three things get silly (not a medical term πŸ˜‚)  the symptoms are often noticeable and strong being made worse by physical and emotional stress. Though often in this stage symptoms vary greatly.                   List of symptoms 

      And finally the last stages 

      The kicker with Parkinson’s disease is that a person can can often be in any stage for any amount of time or skip a stage at random. I could have 1 day or 100 years left on this planet lol.  Sadly no cure exists for Parkinson’s disease. To be honest from a young man’s perspective MY OWN diagnosed at 41 currently 46 its a fairly terrifing disorder. It changes you, physically, emotionally and cognitively. It often alienates friends and loved ones. It has a divorce rate of 85% *those married prior to diagnosis* and well is simply pretty brutal. So please help spread awareness. Parkinson’s disease can happen to anyone at any age at any time.

      Always B. 2016 “A life in progress.”

      Sneak peek at Pearls of wisdom in a sea of fire. Coming soon 

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