Today,  not like any other. 

Choices in life are hard.  Being brave enough to make them is even harder. Today I’m off to the vampires (phlebotomist)  to have them test for everything. I’ve lost 40 stone in 3 months and have quickly sucum 60+ in a year. Struck with sudden positional  vertigo I’ve decided to take a closer look at what’s up. Last week my primary care Dr. Ordered MRI and blood work.  Stay tuned for the continued adventures in #mylifewithparkinson’s and maybe the big C.  Honestly I really f#ckin& hope not lol.  I’ll be dead man if that’s the case.  Anyhow until further notice I really don’t anything  other than I’m nervous, I don’t like being reminded twice a week I have Parkinson’s X2 OHSU a week and I want to stamp my feet like I’m 5 and throw a huge fit. Le sigh.  Right then.  Much love and light to all. And please remember to “be  brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have. ” trust me you never know when things will change, and they will. 

Always b. 2016 

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