Waxing poetic 21/09/2016 says the chalk board… 

The morning has come to greet me again and for that I’m thankful. Though each day the dawn comes a little later, a little more hard to navigate. At a cost. 
The dawn comes slowly today,  to these aching bones and tendons so tight. A fog covers all I see as a chilled breeze dizzies my head.
I will shed this lead suit that weighs me down… Slowly and ever so careful as to not rush the day, so I wait. I take my meds, I eat my food and I wait for the moment Parkinson’s releases its grip on me and like a fox and hound I shall bound freely.  With patients I wait for this demon to free my frozen shoulder and stiffened hips. As soon as the balance returns to the earth and I’m sure footed.Then and only then do I too desire to roam the day in search of adventure and inspiration. That will draw my next creations to life and with this I leave this thought. Do you truly take the time EACH DAY to appreciate the time you had on this earth today, this day, right now? If not then please,  do so. One time each day and soon one will find joy in the smallest places. 

The End. 

Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.

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