My mirror. 

You are my mirror with a voice that doesn’t sway doesn’t faulter or run away. 

You are my mirror when my voice has no tone or words that match my face.  

You are my mirror that reminds me I have value, that I don’t and may never see or feel, but you do and that’s all that matters to me. 

You are not me nor I you nor shall we ever be.  Yet there is a sense of of complex completion without sacrifice that bares no resemblance to anything I’ve ever touched or tasted before. Have I landed at shores of Avalon for a final resting or new beginning of life.? 

A question only time will tell the answer to. For I will not vex or dream this time. I will simply wake each day and try harder than before to be a better version of me. So that you may always be the best version of of thee. 

2016. #fiftyeleven ❤❤❤
“to love only once would be tragic if true love never called.”

*photo credit Google search.

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