Parkinson’s report :

In an effort to help people understand what a day in a life of PD is like.  This weekend I was able to go see a cool 80’s band Tears for Fears.  Nostalgic really. It was an outside event in the evening so it was a tad cool and the ground a bit hard on the hips, Ha.  I sound like an old man. Either way it was lovely. Today Monday, my body and mind are slow.  The tendons in my hips and shoulders are flared up causing pain in an 6-7 level.  My silly right shoulder keeps freezing up,  or “catching”. My mood is fine though I feel a bit lazy.  I should be clean and straightening up the house but I’m exhausted. See with Parkinson’s disease it’s all about pace,  on the best of days. Otherwise it’s a Rollercoaster from hell.  So I pick and choose my battle carefully these days.  Busy weekend means slow Monday maybe Tuesday as well.  A day painting 6-7 hrs means a day of rest. A walk to the store equals a two hr nap. Eating is done in little bird sized portions of fruit and nuts every three hour.

Anyhow today has been okay. I’ve been able to focus long enough to make sure I have a ride to my appointments this week.  I don’t have  money anymore so I don’t really worry about that kind of stuff. I have food, paint and friends/family so I’m good. Here is a look at some pieces I’ve been working on. 

This piece is 12″×12″thus far it’s received one color and one sanding. 

Here is a Close-up of the Gemini piece. Lots more coming on this one. Right then it’s of to Napland for a bit as the fatigue is quicker than I today. Cheers and have a great Monday. I hope all are well. 
Please remember to be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have. You never know when things will change.

B. 2016 
Stiffness :8
Slow :7
Thinking :clear but distracted
Balance :7

9 thoughts on “Parkinson’s report :

  1. Your courage and inspiration is a continual motivator. Never think your words here, or your art and other offerings, flowers and trees, go unnoticed by those of us following your journey. I’m always keeping track of you and your progress which I will never give up hope on. Are you still considering DBS? xxx

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    • Hello my dear friend. I hope you still see Phoenix Rising often. Yes I’m considering DBS more seriously than before, really I should say that I am going to have it. Now it’s a matter of when. I’n the next few months I’m having another baseline study from my neuropsychologist and I started to go to PT and OT again. Ohsu isn’t happy I didn’t go the whole time I dated katelyn. But I’m in a better place mentally and emotionally to deal with the fact I have pd and I need to deal with it instead of running around the countryside with a woman 20 years my junior. So yes DBS probably in the next few years I turn 50 in 4 years so most likely before then. Anyhow my friend I truly hope youre feeling better. I’m always here when you need a friend, please remember that.
      Sincerely Benjamin.

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    • Thank you, I’m trying to. I feel like I don’t know what right looks like for me as it used to and mist from my past don’t seem to be able to be on this journey with me. But I do try each day. Happy thoughts to you as well. Always b.


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