Watch “Prince – Adore (1987)” on YouTube

Good morning I hope the day has found you well. I’m going to be entering a new phase of my life here shortly,  today my caregiver is going to pick me up,  I’ll be going to Portland Oregon visiting my new neuropsychologist. Tomorrow I start with my new physical therapist and occupational therapist. So it looks like once a week or once every other week I’ll be going up to Portland and doing some very intensive physical therapy and neuro psych therapy stuff which is pretty intense for me it’s really an aggressive road to recovery (lol) recovery,  it’s an aggressive road to stabilization and to keeping what life I have left as strong and as full as possible.  I’m very blessed to have the life that I have.  I’m very blessed to wake up everyday and be able to breathe to walk even with the limited mobility that I have left. 

Over this next few weeks I’m going to be working on the large 2 x 48″ Gemini peace which I’m very excited about.  I think that this new technique is going to work out quite nicely aligned with the symbol series.

Same technique as the “Key”. 

Well it’s about that time of day for me to be heading off to Portland soon.  I wish all of you the best of luck in your life today,  tomorrow and all the rest of them. Please remember to always be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have for you never know when life is going to change but one thing’s for certain. Change will come.

B. 2016
Ps. Thank you for your support for all this time. Much love and light. 

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