Trinity in a box ~Brick giveaway starts today. 

    Check my  Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more details. Much love and light to all of you.
    “A life in progress.”

    **Side note communication:life stuff,pd,politics,passion.

    Sorry for the lack of communication via WP. My hands and mind have been short Sighted as of late. Lots of money worries and getting use to surviving on ssdi only. In a way it’s very very good for me to have to struggle again. I’ve gotten soft, in a way. I’m very used to the pleasant things in life. Since I was 13 years old I’ve been working 31 years. Wow I’m freaking old lol. So having my ex wife toss all my belongings, Comcast delete my life (memories) then have to have my muse and caregiver bail leaving a frat house level of destruction and hate behind. I figure after all that in the short period of not even 5 yrs (Nov 7 2011 DX YOPD.) I can easily survive on the income for a teenager lol. I figure if i can sell one painting a month for 200$ then i can survive in the comfort of “the basics,bills paid,food in fridge and paint on the table. Honestly what more could i desire? I have love,companionship and shelter. Really what more does a person need?  Wants sure I have many but they are all born of the physical and mental so for now, those thoughts shall remain unacknowledged whispers of a lost dream. Honestly I’ve only one goal in life right now. To purchase the home I’m in so that I my pass comfortably where I am. Lol. Sounds morbid I know but I find something very comforting knowing that my childhood playground  (cemetery) is at my fence line and my childhood home is exactly across the cemetery from my home now. These streets a terrorized as a teen, played in as a child and reflected upon as an adult. Enough for know.

    **PS. I’ve decided to start using my daily blow space as it was intended. I’m going to again start talking about the day to day of having Young Onset Parkinson’s disease.  The struggles of moving in the AM, or focusing during the day. Sleeping or not at night. Anyhow cheers.
    B . 2016
    “Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.”

    Much love and light. 

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