Go Big~ or……

Good afternoon good morning and good evening I hope everyone out there is doing well today. Finally have finished the brick paintings, soon I will be doing a post that will contain the geotag locations for each of those paintings unfortunately it is going to be just a Salem and surrounding area function on September 3rd so keep your ears and eyes out for that you Northwest folks. Today we’re looking at the first of what is going to be a 8 – 10 painting series using the same textural styles as the Brick series pieces so the key Forbidden fruit, Solitude, Frequency, just to name a few. 

This piece here is 2 feet by 4 feet I’ve used a custom mixture to create the under texture that and binder that covers the Birch panel for starters and I use a proprietary mix of gesso plaster of Paris and other fibers, natural fibers to create a secondary texture. Golden paint company uses, I should say makes a product called fiber paste which is about $25 for six ounces of it, which is to expensive.So I basically took their product and went into science mode and figured out how they do what they do and have been able to come up with the formula that will give me that same effect for $25 a gallon as opposed to $25 for six ounces of product. 

Here we have the same image with a closer crop giving you a better look at the details of the piece. Each layer of the beginning days of this painting takes about a day to paint sand, assess, color touch, and then dry. That is assuming that I’m only applying one color per day. Often I will use fans and or quick dry additives and binders to the custom colors that are created in each piece to affect how the human eye sees the transparencies of the color and how the light affects each piece from each direction. Right then it’s been lovely to see and hear from all of you today I’ve started to regain some sense of normal in my life which very very nice. I’ve started to develop my patterns and routines which make me feel safe living alone with young onset Parkinson’s disease. I’ve also just really started to realize that though I may need a partner to feel complete, I do not need a partner to feel whole and loved. I’ve been under so much stress for the past many years. I’ve forgotten how to truly love and enjoy myself when aone. Thankfully I have some amazing friends that regardless of the limitations physically and or mentally Parkinson’s disease may present in front of me and my friend group, these people are willing to basically to put it bluntly, they are willing to stand strong next to me while I indore the path that Parkinson’s disease and and will present to me. Sadly to this day Parkinson’s disease has no cure. So I have the unfortunate reality of slowly watching my bodily functions fail me. I will lose control of my muscles my limbs and eventually my life.  I’m forever thankful for my friends my family the people that have stood next to me during this journey I hope to make this next chapter the best one yet. I hope to see many of you there at the finish line. Much love and have a great day.
Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have. For you never know when life is going to change but one of the guarantees in life is that it is going to change.


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