Crickets~Talk Till dawn.

To what hearts delight as the time slips alway by your side.
Such companionship, nay
I say true friendship of the kind that is:

I see you, you see me as real as can be friend that
Tells you your wrong when your wrong
And stands behind you when your justified.
These are the friends to stand the long fight.

With one to my left and none to my right.
My dearst sweet friend i could talk all night.

But instead of these things that might cause of delight you my sweet dear are fighting your own fight. 

So I.You see, I think you should be you and I will be me.
We’ll meet in the middle and see what we see.


“A life in progress.”
**dedicated to a friend of mine fighting thyroid cancer. Sometimes the friends and people you need in your life have been there the whole time and it simply takes life a while to connect your orbits.

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