Midnight music and words 8/18

Into the night I’ve cast a song of love and loss a thousand time for a thousand souls.
Tonight the crickets came and sang once again their song of change
And love.
A tunes sung and heard only by those who have know love and know loss.
Tonight a white dove sailed the skies with my crows and I cried and wept like a child as the tears of remembrance came in waves.

I could listen to the stories we tell a thousand times yet I feel we’ve yet touch to the surface of the great depth of freedom from a spiritual hell created by a thousands of years of healing the dead, loving the loveless and holding mirrors for blind princesses.

In the wake of your presences I create and think. Charge myself for another day of challenge and fortitude.
Though now I know that the path is not as I sought but is what I seek.

can I tell you a secret you already know.
Your words have power for making things grow as fast as the seeds of knowledge can sow.
My love you must feed the children with all of your thoughts and all of your graces
For these are the humans that will carry our faces.
Then came the light, the spark and fire that drove me stop these thoughts of desire.
For I have been shown what the way is to be. That joy is the butterfly named after me. My job is to catch her and then set her free as good mothers and fathers always should be.
The end.

“A life in progress”



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