Why? Because I have to. 


I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness, support and love. Over the past few months or years things have been incredibly hard to adjust to, things have changed in my life that I never would have expected to change nor would I have expected them to change in the way that they did. So each day when I wake I put on my happy face put on my big boy pants and I try. Some days I fail, some days I succeed but everyday I wake up and I try to spread as much joy and love kindness as I can. Lately it seems like I’ve been asking for a lot of help and I just want to say, thank you,  thank you very very much.I honestly don’t know that I would be here if it wasn’t for the people that reach out to me online. I have very few physical people in my life and the ones that I do have they’re grown-ups they have kids and wives, careers, partners. You know it’s an interesting life to be my age, in this time where I felt i should be with a partner and experiencing the amazing things of life and to not be doing so is tremendously heartbreaking. So again, thank you much love. 

“Be brave, be bold and  thrive the life you have. ”


7 thoughts on “Why? Because I have to. 

  1. To have this kind of disease must be really hard and I would never know by not having it myself. I am not very sure if there is a very strong genetic link but one thing from my professional knowledge of science is that our diet plays a very important part to relief or aggravate a kind of symptom. This kind of diet research is very difficult since everyone has different habits and diet in their lifetime. I studied cells and nuclear in the cell, and the ‘health’ of our cells are affected by even slight change in the chemical environments. Diet might not help to cure but if factors to agitate certain kind of reactions in cell are reduced, then there is a hope to slow down the symptom. Both of my parents passed away due to cancer, and in both cases I am 100% sure they have taken the wrong diet, for my mom, she basically was injected the poison called chemo-therapy and in coma within two weeks. Change the diet, get some healthy habits like doing sports (like Yoga) regularly (the research I did also show cells changed tremendously with mechanical stimulation), and interact more with people, I am sure this will help a lot. To fight a war, we must use all available (healthy) methods.

    Bless you!

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    • I agree my friend, at my best I ate well and practiced yoga and many forms of meditation. Soon i shall find the balance in my life to again attain these patterns of successful habits and behaviors.

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      • I wish to see you keep writing and doing very creative work for many years to come. I quit my job a year ago just to do something different in life, and something more creative (and obviously very little money). All the best to us fighting our own war =)!

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  2. You deal with one day at a time. And you are. With great strength. It may not feel like it to you, but as an outsider that’s what I see. You are allowed bad days and I know you’re good at not focusing on them but looking for the good no matter how big or small. Only you live your life. Keep creating. Sharing. And being you. Thank you.

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      • Don’t be ashamed. You’ve done nothing wrong. We write all our emotions. We write from the heart. Sometimes that means it’s full of pain and sadness. But sometimes it’s full of love. This is your journey and you write it however you want. You’ve read my TL over the years. You’ve seen I use it as an emotional outlet when it all gets too much. The only one judging you is yourself from what I can see. No-one else here. So be gentle on yourself B.

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