Today, not like any other day.

Each day my garden grows stronger
each day the memories of you grow longer
harder to find in the fading light.
the flowers have found their way back to me
as you never will.
but it seems i no longer need you too.

ive looked inside and found the boy,
scared and alone.
affraid that the monters will come and
take me away.
ive called to him.. And shown him the way home.
we spoke of love,loss,learning and fire flies,
fishing and wishing poles. I spoke to him and I and we and they
and it been decided it will be okay.

Each day my gardens grow stronger, more full of the flowers
that used to call our song, now only sing for me…..
each day i grow stronger, wiser, more able to understand
and accept the shaky land i walk upon with gods graces and friendly faces pave these streets of gold.

Each day my garden grows, my heart heals, my mind forget and im reminded of the clock that ticks above my head as these bones and tendons tighten and flexs, creak and crack under the dyskinetic twist of the meds.
each day my garden grows stronger and so do i.
each day i remember, i remember you less.

“a life in progress”
** yes this piece is based on my life and its events. Though probably not the ones you think. 😜😶


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