Hi, long time no see.

Gosh I’m getting old. It’s so weird to look back and see me and know inside my eyes that at times I feel so young. Honestly I’m nervous as hell. I’ve a big visit with the neurologist today. It’s our first as she and a new neuropsychologist will be joining the team. Visits went back up to 4 a year instead of 2 and now they are taking scary shit like MSA or Parkinson’s Plus. Instead of idiopathic Parkinson’s. I’m honestly not sure.  I get so fucking nervous at these things. It’s hard enough to have pd but to spend a couple of hours under a microscope talking only about the worst parts of my disorder really really sucks. It’s one thing to live with/ignore on a day to day basis. But the hard shitty fact is I have PD. It’s ruined my life completely as I knew it and has forced me literally to live a completely different lifestyle and life than I had planned for my mid 40’s 

Anyhow may the world be kind to you and you to it,  for if not you then who? We are in control of what we manifest into our lives. May yours bring joy and happiness as you seek it.

B . 2016
“Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have. “

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