Trinity in a box 

Hi! Hello and welcome, it’s lovely to to see you again. Today has been a busy day already. I’m getting ready for a short trip, to help distance myself from the residual lingering vibes from the house. It’s odd, losing the person who I will always consider my twin flame has been so fucking hard but at the same time the way it ended has made it so much easier to move forward. Sad but true.

Anyhow enough living in the past. The painting is going far better than I would imagined. I’ve so much energy needing to find a home and my son, my art, my community are the best place especially if can focus this energy. Here is a quick look at the newest of the Brick series 
Trinity in a box 

As most of you know already,  the base layers of texture and colours in my work area almost always far more bright than the finished work. So please remember this is a #workinprogress  

Well I’ll be in and out of communication for the rest of the week. I’m taking a little me time. Please remember to always, 

Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.” You never know when things will change. Much love.


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