The Key~Continued 

Things on this piece are falling together fairly quickly. But that’s the advantage of having painted in my head already.  So really it’s about making time, investing the energy, making mistakes, learning and becoming better than the day before. Chances are good I’ll complete this piece tonight which is nice because this beautiful thing is waiting for me.

I moved the studio upstairs for the coming fall. With everything that’s happened over the last few months I’ve decided to dedicate time each day to just paint. Honestly I’m so happy. Me my little house and recovering gardens. Old and new friends stopping by to make sure I feel loved and know that I’m not alone in this life and I don’t have to face Parkinson’s disease alone. It gives me the security of knowing I’ve people I can truly count on but at the same time the freedom to not feel as though I’m kept in a box wondering what’s happening on the outside. If that makes sense. 

Anyhow cheers I hope you had are having or do have a lovely day. To all who make it down to the bottom here. “Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.”

Change is one of the only guarantees in life, so embrace those moments when you are truly present and aware of yourself, your wants and needs as a human.
Always B . 2016 

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