If I could I would but I can’t so I won’t.(Anger Set Free)

If I gave you my heart would you tare it apart? Could you, would you know what to do with a love so tender and true.From this I have seen and what could it mean that our actions speak louder than words. Or shall it be said that whispers in bed fall upon deaf ears by daylights dawn.

A pawn I’ll not be for if I’m set free then that will be that and the last of me you’ll see.
For a fool I am not nor do I ask of a lot

Just simply to be held in your heart.
You hide behind your broken wings taking only what you want when you need it.

Leaving a wake a hurt and confusion in your path.
All in the name of reclamation of self 
All in the name of I can and me first.
Sadly when the dust settles I’ll be gone
And you’ll have missed out on the joy and happiness 
I had to share, the undying love and need to nurture and care for you
To build you up and carry you when you were weak
That will all be gone as you’ve left me in the ashes 
and broken pieces you left behind 
Francine was right, your cruel. Greedy and cruel.

Once a good time girl always a good time girl.

i should have heard the train coming. It gave me warnings it tried to say. Im here for today, but i leave tomorrow.

**a poem that i wrote a year ago that i wish i would have listened to. sometimes our subconcious knows exactly what we need but our ID self is affraid to let go.

9 thoughts on “If I could I would but I can’t so I won’t.(Anger Set Free)

  1. Hugs 😕

    How I wish I never gave him that second chance
    How I wish I listened to my subconscious mind
    How I wish I never waited for him to break
    The promises I knew he would never keep
    Now all I want is to warn the next one on his list
    She’s a sweet lady that I know too you see
    I only hope she’s stronger and won’t let him in

    He fits the description of “a false prophet” as it comes in the bible since that is his spiritual belief … A wolf in sheep clothing

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  2. A powerful and brilliant piece. It is true, my friend, that we need to listen to our conciense or trust our instincts far more then we do. Maybe we are clinging onto a vain hope that all will be well?

    Nicely done, Benjamin!

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