Science time 101: Parkinson’s Plus

So can I get a side a fries with that??

In all seriousness this is a big reason why ive been a bit more edgy than normal lately. The last time i was up at OHSU i had the displeasure of talking about MSA: 

Multiple System Atrophy. One of tell tell signs is a drastic drop in blood pressure when going from a sitring to standing postion. Well thats whats up. Prior to my visit id had 2 instance where upon standing i completely lacked oit and fell, woke up on the floor. 😦
Scary stuff. So they confirmed that yes that’s happening. That coupled with how hsrd it has been for me to keep my emotions in check has made the Dr. Decide that i need to be monitored more closely. So starting this mo th ill go back up OHSU for more testing evert 3 months instead of my biannual check PD check ups.

Right then happy Monday much love and light to all. 

Always w/love.
“A life in progress”


10 thoughts on “Science time 101: Parkinson’s Plus

      • I can imagine. I have very low blood pressure and it gets me sometimes… but I usually get some warning. Nick had a similar problem the other day and ended up flat on the kitchen floor with a broken nose and two black eyes. Take care of yourself, Ben x

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