Pictures of you and me. …

Slowly, methodically in little fits of childish rage I’m erasing you from the files of my life. My hands smell like bleach as I’ve scrubbed the floors and everyday I erase a small bit more of the memories we created away. 
Slowly I watch you leave for the rest of my life as I know truly what Parkinson’s has done to the memories that have already faded away into sea of lewy bodies madness. The what if’s of and my life was like before the befores. Wash ashore, Slowly and methodically im erasing you from the files of my life.
Each delete a my heart bleeds as your Sapphire eyes fade to black in the void of what is gone is gone and lost forever. A queen and her master have cast the final stone in to the pit of my stomach as I watch you drink from the shared cup of lost desires.

I care not to watch the decent into which the darkness I pulled you from wence, I  shall never reach in again. For the hand knows that it’s been bitten even if the heart and mind do not.

 Slowly methodically in little fits of sad and dying I’ve found my heart and I’m done crying. I have no lover or companion truly, that I seek, my body is strong where the mind is weak. Fare thee well, cie la vie. Like a magicians white rabbit the last time you’ll see pictures of you and me…

The End.
*A classic love tragedy by.

5 thoughts on “Pictures of you and me. …

  1. 😦 I don’t know what to say… I feel I must say something. Disease/ illness takes away so much. My gran has vascular Dementia and she is a shell of who she was two years ago. I don’t know why we have to watch and suffer these hideous illnesses. Please tell me the rabbit metaphor does not mean you are going to literally disappear? I would hate to know you are in such a bad place that you get stuck in the dark. I’m glad you are writing and reaching out. If there is anything I can do. Let me know. 🙂 x take care.

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  2. I thought the white rabbit meant that it happened once, but never again. I thought this was a good strong poem from someone coming out of a relationship that was too intense to survive – a ‘strip and burn’ relationship (like forest clearance in the Amazon Basin). Time to take stock, heal wounds and burns and move on to new ground with no history, no scorch marks, just new, fresh ground

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