Sad but true.

Well it’s time for an update. I’m officially and very much against it but I’m single I’m on my own again and out of a place. Sadly I will not be able to keep my home in Salem. I’ve decided the right thing to do is let Katelyn and her son Adam keep the home we worked so hard to grow. Plus The PD has made it so financially and physically it’s unsafe for me to live alone.

I’ll be moving out by the 16th of July at the latest and could use a strong hand or two as my PD has gotten much worse than before.

My one of my oldest and dear friends has taken me in up here in Portland so I’ll be okay. Closer to OHSU and a larger art community. Probably the choice I should have made in the first place but oh well. Live and learn. I’m going to leave this post up until I move but after that I’ll probably close my FB for good. That’s all I have to say. Good bye Salem hello Portland  (again)
Benjamin M Prewitt
Thanks to The Kryza family I’ll not be totally out on my ass.

“Lost but not forever ”



16 thoughts on “Sad but true.

  1. I’m very glad you’ve found somewhere else, Ben. Admirable of the Kryza family to help you. My blessings for your move and know that there’s someone across the Atlantic who is concerned for you ๐Ÿ™‚ If you give up FB, please stay in touch on this blog.

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  2. Oh Ben I’m sorry to hear what’s happened, had a feeling something was going on but didn’t know what. When I went looking for you on FB and your page was gone I was worried, so glad you’re still on here so I and all your other friends not local to you, know how you are.
    Wish I could be there for you in person, but failing that, you know where to find me in cyber form.
    Love, light and strength to you
    Mel xx

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  3. Sorry to hear of your recent troubles…sucks that people that you think you can depend on, even for a little while, dump you on your ass and walk away without looking back. It’s happened to me too often, so I can relate…

    It’s good that you have a place to hang your hat and regroup, for the time being.

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