I want my heart back.
You can’t have it anymore.
I gave it to freely.
I was wrong
You took the best of what I had to offer and when it came time to do the hard work of love in a world where anyone can reach in at anytime and have all of your attention you chose to pay attention to the wrong side.

I’m taking my broken heart that’s now destroyed to the point where I don’t even want to love.

I should have trusted my first instinct and run, run as fast and far as I could. I was wrong. I gave up the world and ended back at the Mimosa. Alone again and older,tainted and bitter.

I want my broken heart back so I can paint the pain of my life as I’ve done.
I want my broken heart back so I again can write of happier times of travel and truer love cast away.
I’m taking my heart back because you’ve broken it for the last time and sadly time isn’t on my side.
I take my pills you should learn to take yours.

9 thoughts on “Broken

    • I don’t remember how. It feels like everything and everyone I touch ends up paying for it in some way. I don’t want to be a taker in this life. I’m just so tired of fighting life.


  1. I got a pet, he loves me back unconditionally and without judgement.
    your broken heart will heal and time alone is not the bad thing the world makes out, it is like aloe for the soul after it has been hurt.
    Alone you can remember how to love yourself or learn how to if needs be, it takes effort but it’s more important that loving someone else.
    Mel xx

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  2. This situation is too bad. I know how you feel when you love someone so much, and it’s used, abused, and not returned. To be cast aside as though you didn’t matter.
    I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. I wish you the best.

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      • I didn’t comment to say I was right. I’m truly sorry you’re having to go through another heartbreak. I know you will come out on the other side, stronger.
        I’M sorry that I couldn’t be what you needed. I’m your friend, and always will be.

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      • Thank you truly. Youre a far better person than I. I thought i wasdoing the right thing. I didnt. I chose and i chose wrong. Sadly it seems to be pattern with me these days. I think a year off of anything other than my son, my art, my heart and soul is what i need. I gave everything to K, job,love,wisdom and companionship as well as raise her son. You saw how that worked out for me 😒. I hope you and the family are well.


  3. Sometimes, Ben, we have to go with our gut instinct. Not what everyone thinks we should do.
    It didn’t work out. You gave it your all. Sometimes your all isn’t enough.

    I’m slowly recovering from surgery…7 days post op today.:) Feeling quite good, all things considered. My twin sister and nieces are staying with me for a month vacay, and the kids and husband are fabulous.

    Chin up my friend. Focus your energies on what matters to YOU, and all will be alright.

    Sending positive, healing vibes your way.


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