I’m sorry for everything

I’m going to be gone for a while.  The woman I’ve been seeing who also is my caregiver and well she’s leaving me too.  Fml.
Bmprewitt@comcast.net if you need to reach me. I’m broke, have to move and have virtually nobody.  I fucking hate this life.


16 thoughts on “I’m sorry for everything

  1. You do have the strength, Benjamin. I know you do, even though you think you don’t. I’ve been where you are now and it is possible to pull back from the brink. If you don’t think you can do it alone, please seek some professional help. Big hugs. xxx

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  2. Hello Benjamin.
    You don’t write poetry like yours, or paint like you do and struggle through your problems like you have to give up because at the moment it’s all too much.
    You are a strong person because you have come through your problems this far. You’re not a quitter.
    Your paintings are extraordinary, so full of passion and life. Your poetry is so heartfelt and compelling.
    You must feel overwhelmed at the moment.
    Remember the story of the king who was unhappy and no-one could make him smile.
    They tried everything, then a little wizened old man came to court
    and gave the king a gold ring. The king smiled – not because he had been given a gold ring, but because of the inscription inside it. It said ‘This too shall pass’.

    Take one day at a time

    Kate x

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      • You’re welcome. Glad you are still with us, you had us all a bit worried there! It is tough and it’s very draining, but you have the fortitude or you wouldn’t have got this far. Just try and take a deep breath and step back from it all so you can clear your head. As with Art, perspective is everything. Take care Benjamin xx

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  3. When we hit rock bottom we also connect with others who have done so. My biggest wish in life is to get back to the states but at the moment no way to do it. I have to thank my lucky stars that my life is alright and we all have our health. However there is that one nagging doubt – how could it all come together and be better. Too bad we are so far apart you have your wishes and I know how that feels. If we were on the same side of the ocean perhaps we could help one another. I will pray for you and wish you the very best.

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  4. I have just had you like something I wrote so I just am starting to look at your art and writing. I have never had a disease nor illness but my youngest daughter has had JRA since she was young. At 13, OSU medical center and Children’s Hospital of Columbus were paying for her bills to study her. They said her lack of flexible joints and MRI, Cat Scans and blood work proved her joints were those of a 65 year old! 😦
    Felicia is doing no meds since VIOXX and Celebrex tire her stomach and intestinal walls up. She takes natural food supplements and still works, refuses at age 30 to give up and I want to encourage you. I empathize with you. Sending you Hugs! ~Robin

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  5. I want to ask you a BIG Favour. Please don´t stop trying. You make a difference in our worlds. We read you. We get happy with your happiness and we get sad when you are sad. I don´t know what happened to you but I wish you well and I hope you will continue with your blog. I wish you the best. If you need a break in order to concentrate on other things we´ll be here when you come back. In the meantime don´t lose hope…please?

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