Thoughts and things 26/6/16


It’s been a while since I’ve expressed myself here. Things in life are okay. Relationships issues, financial issues,health issues…. Sounds pretty much like normal life shit so I won’t go into detail.
Now on the Parkinson’s side of life things are getting leveled out medication wise but it may be to late to repair the emotional and physical toll it took on my life. Ropinerol is on of the medications I take for my PD and even though I kinda new already I have a really low tolerance to this med and its side effects. It literally turns me into a different person or at least a different version of myself.
Ropinirole the link above will direct you to the FDA information page on ropinirole. It’s pretty nasty shit, but it does basically act like oil in an engine does. It helps my brain make more smooth movements with my body.

Okay enough of that. Let’s see what’s happened lately. My gf’s mom was the only person who got me anything for Father’s Day lol. Many thanks SVD you actually made the day 🙂 thank you truly.
Honestly life has been tricky I’m at an age where I’m really discovering a lot of things about myself as a human. Not all o which has been very fun. Self realizations are hard, being brutally honest about who we are as humans and what our motivations, morals and convictions truly are can be an eye opening experience. Moving on…
The painting in this post is part of the “Bricks” series. All done on solid hard woods ranging from 2-4″ thick (deep) they feel in weight 1-3 lbs. so they are not lightweight.
The piece below is also is included in the Brick series.

Well my friends it’s time for a nap. Until we meet again. I hope that the world is kind to you all and you to it. For if not you, then who?
“I am stronger than my fears”


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