Old words never die.

As the the echoes and daydreams of
my life quickly fade away I’m left with one phrase, incurable. It stays long on my tongue, tastes of sulfur and hate, sadness and fear. My head explodes with panic as I face a very long dark hallway lined with uncertainty and question. This disease robs me of my body and mind a small bit everyday slowly chipping away at who I was as it destroys who I am and want to be. With every breath I fight with pills an prose
With science and prayer yet its tendrils are deep inside my brain sucking the very movement and memory from my soul. Do I ever rest can I sleep for just one day, one small moment of peace, so close to surrender, so far from the light….

Circa the last 5 years.

One thought on “Old words never die.

  1. đŸ˜¦ there’s something so deeply hurtful about the fact our bodies are rebelling against us. No person who attacks or says something bad, could be as damaging as knowing there’s nothing we can do to stop our own cells from going wrong. (((hugs))) xx


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