Fluers & thoughts on life.

Good morning,afternoon and evening. It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of saying that. It’s lovely to have you all here today. It’s a beautiful day here in the lovely Pacific Northwest. My neighborhood is full of really kind people. One of the reasons I love this home. As I sat this morning and chatted up the groups of neighbors walking up to the park. It reminded me to be thankful. To be thankful for the little things, big things and everything in between.

My Parkinson’s and med side effects have been really challenging over the last few months. Mix that with a divorce that became final,(on paper, in body and location it’s been years). I thought it would be easier to simply go forward but it’s surprising how much emotion,guilt and anguish got stirred up by having to relive mentally all the things that lead to the end of my 15 year marriage. I’ve no misconception as to why it ultimately ended. I put the final stake in the coffin. Regardless of reason, perception or excuse the action was mine and I’ll own that my entire life, but ya know that’s what being a grown up is about. Being able to admit your faults and how they do,could or can effect others,then owning your actions and decisions.Right ??

Anyhow enough of hat being a grown up bs, I wanna be a giant robot 😜😜😜. I’d like to be painting but well, honestly I’ve 2 more doses of PD Poison pills before these ridiculously tight tendons relax enough for me to move semi normally without a pain scale of 8. Okay random though then I promise pretty pictures. Read on FB today a post about pain. It was really generic and “PC” made me laugh. Mostly because I know some people including myself that literally live in stage 6-9 pain every second of everyday. I have a toe that send electric liquid fire pulses to and from my hips 10k a day and the only remedy science currently has is kill the nerve. So occasionally I giggle when I read pain posts. Thanks for he venting and chat this morning, it feels like years since I’ve all had a chance to just spill my brain out into cyberspace.

Now, onto the show. Many of these photos are from my backyard or within minutes walking distance from my home. I think all of these are from my Instagram page. Amongst all the madness of life,job,house,spouse, kids I know more than ever now how important it is to take time to smell the roses and appreciate beauty when it presents itself. Please enjoy these things as I see them.








I could seriously download 1000’s of flower pictures LOL.
Well friends,family and countrymen I bid you adieu for the time being it’s time for me to go pretend I’ve any idea what I’m doing πŸ˜œπŸŽ¨πŸ˜œπŸ“ΈπŸ“ΈπŸ“Έ.
Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing I hope that love fills your heart and your fears find the door. My life guide you in peace and happiness always.
“A life in progress.”

11 thoughts on “Fluers & thoughts on life.

  1. Happy Fathers Day to you Benjamin – lovely shots of flowers! I sent the article links to you (even though they were about MS) is because there is always hope for your insidious disease. Take care my friend.

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  2. Sending *hhuuggsss* my friend as that’s what gets us through. I did have some nerves cut and although it caused paralysis it was worth it. That’s just me though, and everyone is different. Nature is such a comfort, especially during the warmer weather – I love the orange, red and yellow blooms.

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    • Thank you my friend. Ive thought about the nerve in my foot, having that one turned off but the complications of the one in my hip im not ready for that mentally yet. I hope you are well.


  3. Reblogged this on Kate McClelland and commented:
    Wow Benjamin. Such beautiful photos. I love the painting – it’s like a ‘soul’ painting of a flower. It looks like it will either consolidate and become a solid flower, or it’s on the verge of separating out into separate atoms and floating off into the ether. Sorry, Is that too ‘flowery’ a description? :0) Kate


  4. A final divorce even years in the settling will still produce a feeling of deep mourning. I think that as you sift through your memories, if you try to hang on to the great ones, you will serve yourself well (Rather than kicking your own backside which would be quite painful to your toe!) May you also find peace and freedom from all that ails.
    the flowers are beautiful – hope you get to your painting sooner than later

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