Sale~ through 7-1-2016

It’s that time of life again for me to purge the fears and tears of my past and let go. In doing so I need your help and your kindness. For those of you who have collected my work over the years thank you and for those of you just finding me , Hello! This journey has broken my heart,mind and soul more times than I can count.
But Cei la viē, my lose is your gain. Please join me in the dispersal of luggage that has brought me this far. It’s time for a new POV.
I hope to include a simple photo and link to the original , sale price and old price for comparison. For those of you who have not read the original posts associated with each piece I would encourage you to do so. There is often much emotional content and journey driven explanations for my work.
Again thank you so much and for what it’s worth please feel free to share this post and its content.
Benjamin M Prewitt
“A life in progress.”

IMG _8214.JPG
HOLDING BACK THE DARKNESS original price usd sale SOLD*updated 14:24 pst 16/6/16

Sale:250 usd Original:NFS (450£)


6 thoughts on “Sale~ through 7-1-2016

  1. Holding Back didn’t sell? 😮
    What has the world come to? All the rest are wonderful, of course, but Holding Back… man! That is high on the list. Of course, the postage would be a killer…
    Would you consider donating it to adorn the wall of your most favorite support crew, whomever they might be, in the name of a weird bear faced shaman?
    I think I’d like that… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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