Thanks for stopping in. Please enjoy the newest piece from the barely functioning Rural House Studio. Parkinson’s and recent events in life have slowed me down considerably but I refuse to give up. To lose everything again. Please enjoy Surrender, I may paint the emotional content of the action both internal and external but I’ll never do it.

A 3 piece or Triptych. Here we have 3 small panels joined together
these panels are unique in the fact that each is a solid 2.5 inch thick 
piece of wood. imagine if you will the weight and size of a red brick.

Surrender: Natural light sitting on my back stoop. Zero filters or edits besides cropping.

Up close 


The following images are from left to right, smallest to largest.


The last shot is a semi close up horizontal pic up close on all three pieces.

That my friends is all I’ve energy for. Cheers and remember to both give and re I’d’ve love.

Benjamin M Prewitt 
” a life in progress ”
175$us all (3)

11 thoughts on “Surrender

    • Hi, so good to hear from you. Yes I was just up at OHSU and we were discussing the options. Currently we are trying to get my ropinerol side effects under control and increasing my carbadopa/levadopa to see if we can improve my quality of life. So DBS is still on the table for sure. Scary as that is to say.
      Many blessings to you friend.

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      • It is scary as all hell, but I cannot express enough the benefits to ALL your being, that DBS will afford. I truly hope you go for it! You’ll be able to HALVE your meds (particularly L-Dopa), cutting out all those nasty side effects. Pete’s was done in 2012, and he’s still at half measures!
        Be blessed, my friend!

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      • Thank you for the encouragment it really is scary, the PD and the idea of brain surgery. But it’s better to have lived, tried and failed than to have never gain the courage to try.

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  1. These paintings are so beautiful. I am very drawn to the colors. Looking at it in more detail with your up close photos, I can see the intertwine of the struggle between giving up and keeping on going. But like you said, never give up! 🙂


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