A path walked by many.

As I wander down this path set forth by actions far deeper than my own,
I wonder if I’ve chosen correctly or if this is my last test.
For I’ve been given the largest challenge of self yet. I carry the scares forever of this path like cast out denisen of filth.
It mocks my plight and teases my temptation.
This path is laden with demons from so many pasts its becoming hard to see the future thru the fog of uncertainty.
Truths slowly come light as the day breaks.
Slow and steady says the sun as the wind breaks my fall.
How can a tree trained to be one way be another, and how can the cullmination of a thousand steps equal forgiveness when the demon simply wears a mask of change but has heart of coal?
Ive become fearful of the journy,
less trusting of this path im on.
Searching the landscape for a way to right this ship.
Yet in some small manner this worn path
gives comfort and I know from experience that all paths walked with a pure heart, mind and soul will lead to a good place.
For all challenges in life be they of heart, matter or mind if percieved as an opportunity for growth can be both painful and rewarding.
We shall see…As I walk this well trodden course.
“a life in progress.”

The definition of trust as a belief in something or a confident expectation about something[53] leads to eliminate the notion of risk from the definition, because it does not include whether the expectation or belief is favorable or unfavorable. For example, to have an expectation of a friend arriving to dinner late because she has habituallys arrived late for the last fifteen years, is a confident expectation (whether or not we agree with her annoying late arrivals.) The trust is not about what we wish for, rather it is in the consistency of the data of our habits. As a result, there is no risk or betrayal because the data now exists as collective knowledge.

** Pulled from Wikipedia 

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