Why yes , I do still paint..

It’s been a while since I’ve shared paint here. I’ve been working on the yard pretty heavily. I haven’t been able to go to physical therapy do to an old insurance issue. so being outside is my only exercise option now which is good as far as I’m concerned id much rather be testing my balance and strength in nature than be in a gym any day.
Here without further adieu is the most recent addition to the body o work. It’s a small piece done for a friend of mine who just celebrated a “Dirty 30″ birthday.
Untitled Abstract ( dirty thirty)
8″ x 13”
Mixed media


I have two other pieces I’m working on but I’m very undecided these days on which direction I’m feeling. I’ve been really wanting to work on more surrealism like this piece.



Or maybe more work like 
“Green Girl”

Anyhow I’m thankful each day to be still be able to dress myself,walk,remember my name and what day it is *not that I really care about what day it is.#retiredlife.Ive found that I truly ebrace the small things in life. I take the time to smell the roses. I take time each day to focus only on positive healing for myself and all those near and dear to me. This life has constantly beat me down ever since I was little, 2-3 years old is when it all shifted and as an adult I’m learning that life simply is what you make it. its a series of events that you’ll experience based on your abilty to pusue your dreams. In so many words. Yes it is a state of mind and yes, you really can achieve your dreams in this life. Just connect the dots, dream,plan,educate,action,reward(outcome) just fit the puzzle pieces of life together until they match your dreams and goals.
Lastly id like to thank those of you who still follow my journey. It’s been so hard in so many ways these last 4 years. 
As always please in each day of your life, strive to.

“Be brave, be bold and thrive in the life you have.”

13 thoughts on “Why yes , I do still paint..

  1. ooohhh lovely, I’m really liking green girl especially! Nothing like a bit of pottering in the garden to test your muscle control and going for a walk or swim to improve stamina and help the mood 🙂

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