Thoughts on hell and Parkinson’s

How does one begin to explain the depths of human hell. One could read Danté or do lots of LSD. One could travel the world in suffrage and feel the the pain of all living things. But does that really explain or even truly explore the depths of hell mans mind is capable of traveling to and enduring through. Not in my mind,heart and soul. I feel it simply examines the fact that we as humans are capable of experiencing great levels of emotional and physical pain. But does not delve into the deepest realms of human kinds suffering.
The suffering of the human mind and mindsets. The amazing depths to which the mind will go to accept the “new normal.” I’ve found that over the course of diagnosis,treatment and progression of my Parkinson’s that my already emotionally charged person has the damnedest time regulating my emotions. Well folks whether or not this post is ready it’s leaving my phone. A week is long enough. I’ve been gardening, cleaning and in general just trying to stay as happy and healthy as possible. Much love to all. May the world be kind to you and you to it.

“A life in progress.”

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