Happy Friday: words and thoughts.

The silent bones of past
Lay frozen cry secret tears
A dust has settled giving
Footsteps a chance to be seen
A small breeze a bell and child
Who’s not a child at all.
Sirens breaking the fog
Bringing things into perspective.
Choices, so many of them these days
All hard in each of their making yet fruitful in many ways.
But are these things simply dreams of
Another man from another time, a man who’s hands didn’t shake and who’s heart hadn’t been broken for half his life.
Such tiredness holds these bones together with laces of hope and stitches of courage.
Somethings I have learned is anything is truly possible if you believe it is.
(Trust me everyone will tell you it’s not that easy, their wrong, it’s all about choices) Now I sit and wonder what adventure awaits this next chapter or will the story end without conclusion. I guess that’s the big question in the end anyway isn’t it.

Cheers and Happy Friday.
“A life in progress.”

**photo from the Internets

7 thoughts on “Happy Friday: words and thoughts.

  1. This line right here grabs my heart on a personal level. I have Lupus, Fibro, Spinal Stenosis and all the side issues that come with those three. These words here, about being stitched together are so powerful. The thing is, I need the stitches tighter. I’m afraid and I’m tired and I just said that to a total stranger.

    Such tiredness holds these bones together with laces of hope and stitches of courage.

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    • I understand, im so sorry. The tiredness and fear can grow so daunting at times. Ive central pain associated with PD. Its not normal. So my brain likes to confuse norml impulses into painful ones lol. Kinda sucks. Im sure you have days like I that seem to be counted by the minute instead of the hour. I hope you can find peace in your days.

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    • One more thing, please remember to smile and breath. A day is just a day. Try to make each one count, i try to be very present, regaurdless of my pain or cognitive misunderstandings. Im happy to breath, smile, laugh and simply be.
      Best wishes, im here if you ever need to vent.

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