Words from another time

As the pain of the day grows long on my frame I miss the words that kept me strong.
I sit and trade one demon for another, my manic fades with the sun only to give way to the dance of my limbs
The twisted torture of this disease
I yearn for words to take me to another place, gentle guidance to a space next to your heart.
I wish only to dwell in the hollows of the places you seldom go, come see me as you please
As the poisons of this day drag me towards the nights end
I wish I wait but soon I will be done.

The End.


8 thoughts on “Words from another time

      • Ooo. Wish it is your lottery win! 🙂
        Both well, thanks. Mrs now working on your question. Will be back with her best effort in due course… 😉
        She does have one question – where did it come from? Dream? If so, what date? (So many questions! lol)

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      • Lol no nit the lottery, i wish but kind of. Its Katelyns birthday. Shes 19 years younger than i 05311970 yet we have more parallels in our lives than people ive known all my life. She picked me up from the airport 09022014 and we havent willingly left eachothers side san a tiff or two. We met 08022014 so hopefully that will answer some questions for Mrs. Cheers and much love. I’ll send photos of my latest adventures in building stuff. 🛠🛠🛠

        Liked by 1 person

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