Passages – How I wonder.

**The good, bad and ugly of the art world.
It’s been over a year since I’ve sold any of my work. I’ve been admittedly a bit of a hermit since stopped traveling. I needed time to heal my heartbreak. I needed time to actually realize what was happening to me in my life. **warning science stuff🔬🔬🔬
See one of the things that Parkinson’s does is it slowly removes the brains ability to self perceive, hear my own vocal tones consistently and it slowly changes the human minds ability to judge the outcome of what should be a straightforward situation (i.e. Long term plan.)
So basically my time management sucks and if left to my own devices these days is probably wander around the back yard all day if not given direction. 😜🎨😜 so it’s a bit a miracle that I haven’t simply faded away…. I refuse to give up, even though I feel/see all these changes happening in my body and mind. One will have to pry the pallet knife from my cold multicolored hands before give up this fight. On that not say good bye to Passages and How I wonder .

Passages just prior to being wrapped up for shipping.

How I wonder: Taken at an odd angle.
Both these pieces are heading east to live with in a new home of an old friend.

Thanks again for stopping in today I hope life has been kind and gentle with you and you to it. Well I’m off to water the plants,paint and see what the day brings.

“a life in progress.”


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