“How I wonder what you are.”

Hello and good day. Here is a quick peak at my newest work. It’s a commissioned for a friend back east. This comes truly at the perfect time as I was deciding on how much I was going to paint this year. Yet with 3 pieces sold this year I think I’ll stay around and see what happens. So today I’ll share this with you. A work in progress.

24″ x 48″
mixed media,
1/4″ birch panel
“How I wonder what you are.”

and somw close ups from goofy angles,

As you may have guessed this piece is named after the song “twinkle twinkle little star.”
A song that that reminds me of freedom and change, amazement and wonder. A time of innocence and overwhelming truths. The joys and unseen burden and strength of youth.
Please enjoy.
“A life in progress.”
Ps. This painting is almost finished, varnish,framing and then fin.
**remember I take payments and trade for art. 🎨🎨🎨

11 thoughts on ““How I wonder what you are.”

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  2. I haven’t been on Word Press for over a year other than to repost stuff now and again, but “Big Green” hangs in my bedroom, I moved it from over the fireplace just in case…. And the smaller blue one is in my master bath. It is lovely to see your art is absolutely as beautiful as always!!! I do think of you often and hope you are doing well… as well as possible that is. I’ve been having to devote the majority of my time to caring for my mom. Love “Twinkle, twinkle like star” by the way! I’ll try to actually get by your site as soon as possible. I finally got a new computer but am still learning it’s ins and outs. Be well my friend! Blessings… 😊

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    • Hi, im not sure if my previous message came through. Hi I miss your face 😄 i hope you, daughter, mom family are doing well and that you are not working yourself to the bone still. And again thank you for believing in me when it felt like knobody else did, i owe the fact that ive paintings in darn near every country on our planet to you, im forever in your debt.


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