Things and stuff…

It’s been a while since I’ve been here it seems. Time has a funny way of never slowing down enough to ever feel caught up anymore. I truly can’t imagine how I ever got anything done prior to being disabiled, as strange as that sounds. The ironic thing is that Parkinson’s has made it 100x harder to get anything done now so in the long run I guess it all equals out. Lol……. Life, stuff and things.

On the up side I’ve slowly started painting more, I’ve started doing more private commission work and still have plans on taking over the art world as a modern abstract painter with a story and purpose. I find nowadays that my work has more purpose and impact than before. My technique and processes are more refinded. The downside to that is I’ve not been out visibly marketing myself as I did prior, honestly I’d rather simply paint and travel. Garden and enjoy my life with Katelyn and our children. Which Is a whole other part of my life that I really won’t be openly sharing here but those who know me and the social media channels I frequent can pop in and say hi as you chose.

Life has really as of late shown me what I need to do which is work hard and stay focused on the things I want in my life and the direction I want my life to go. We garden here at home, I’m supported in my arts 100%,my finacial profile isn’t an aspect of this life and my Parkinson’s disease isn’t viewed as a relationship killer but more as an aspect of “life with Benjamin .” I’m a very lucky man.

As I end of my little touch base with the world I would ask this to the universe. What’s keeping you from achieving your dreams? And who around you supports those dreams? As many of you know my life has been rocked over the last 5 years and staying alive meant finding those friends and people that believed in me more than I did. I hope you can find those people too.

Okay, that’s it for know. I’m starting a new commission piece this next week and the garden and gazebo photos will come later. Cheers and may life be kind to you and you to it.



8 thoughts on “Things and stuff…

  1. Wonderful update Benjamin and happy to read how you’ve seem to have found your focus and path, I’m looking forward to your latest work. Yes, it was good to read and feel positive vibes coming from my friend. Take care and best wishes on your latest paintings.

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