Final version. “Into the Oaks “

After many months of redoing and re-coloring this piece I’ve finally finished,signed and delivered “Into the Oaks “

“Into the Oaks”
Mixed media



And one more just for good measure.


The studio is slowly coming back to life, I can feel the chains of my past begin to loosen as I start to create again. Giving me the freedom to once again live in this world and not just the one in my head. Parkinsons has taken its toll. I’d be lying to say otherwise. In what still feels like a blink of an eye is rather nearly five years later. I’m struggling managing my day to day appointments and physically I’ve begun to experience sustained tremors and relentless fatigue at a cellular level. The kind of fatigue that settles into you like a lead vest and won’t let go until it’s done. But each day I wake and thank the Universe for the gift of life. So when life gets hard and the direction seems unclear pull up a chair and settle into the Oaks for an evening rest and recovery.

“A life in progress ”

PS. Get your commission requests in for 2016. 150$ sqr ft. Project time is beginning to fill up.


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