The Universe said……..

And I listened.
Untitled Abstract:
Acrylic,inks,varnishes and various glazes.
Gallery quality birch panel
250 usd +shipping

Close up #1


Close up #2


Close up #3


Close up #4


For the last 2 years I’ve been struggling a great deal with the circumstances of my life and just very recently during a visit with my lawyer I heard the words I was finally ready to hear with my heart and my head. She said, “well, it’s been 2 years it’s time to wrap this up.” Then and there I realized she was right. It’s time for me to emerge from my slumber, my fears and insecurities. It’s time to try harder to be a better more compassionate person. To strive to be as good to myself as I strive to be for those around me. I could ramble all day about self-improvement and self care but the fact of all of this is. I’m starting to heal, I still live with constant fear but I’m learning that it’s less about fear and about the uncertainties of life Parkinson’s and how vulnerable it has left me feeling.
**thanks for listening.

The above painting has traces, of anger and sadness. Hope, courage and strength. Small moments of tranquility mixed within passion and the sparks of life, wonder and wanting.

Well my friends and followers. Enough words for now I’m on to the next work. Cheers and much love and light.

“A life in progress.”


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