Work in progress. January 2016

Greetings and salutations just a quick update on some Arty things.


Soon to have color added,  abstract landscape and tree.


Second and third layers of this piece. Lots more to do here.


A close up view of a third work in progress.
Well that’s it for know I’m out of town right now gathering strength so I can be the best person I can for those who love me.  Many huge thanks for everyone love and support.

All works are original works of art unless otherwise stated.


13 thoughts on “Work in progress. January 2016

  1. What they said…seriously Ben love your work dude. I’m sure you must have a photo catalogue of your completed works on a website somewhere. If you could, please post a link to it or send it to me, I’d appreciate it. Might be able to afford one of your works someday…like to window shop for now. Looking forward to seeing this one completed too.

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    • Thank you, im sadly still tryig to recover my photos from around the internets. I lost all my files do to an error by my internet company Comcast most of my work can be found here in the gallery sections which unfortunatly are large and cumbersome to navigate.
      Cheers and thanks again.

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