Into the night sky

Into the night sky I look
Pondering the what and
The whys of the world.
What is that and why is this?
These things wander my mind like the stars of the night sky tho I dare not linger for fear of being lost in the night sky.
Gentle… Soft like a slow reflect lake on a mid Summer’s dream lost in the mountains… Day dream….
So goes the night sky a million, billion , trillion miles from home and just…. One me, one story not so silent in the night. Screaming with a quiet voice hushed by years of fear.
Falling…… Just, before…. You….. Sleep…
I’ve never left, I’ve always been here in some form. This night sky and I so many tears, fears and cheers for the fallen angels and broken spirits. So much care and concern for everyone but myself….. Then nothing lost expressionless, pale colours molt into mud underneath a pallet knife controlled by fears and tears and falling stars.
This night sky and I.

“A life in progress ”
**free write, may contain moments of truth and or fiction as I perceive my world and yours.

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