To long

Its been to long since I’ve written here, since I’ve allowed the flood gates to open and simple free write which, my personal favorite. It gives me the chance to simply speak my mind in the voice I hear in my head. This last year in 2015 I must say kicked my ass up and down the block like a seriously mean 9th grade bully.


This week I have to go to court hopefully for the last time. Friday I go handle the finalities of my divorce And begin to put myself back together finacially,emotionally so I can move forward in a healthy and happy way. Parkinson’s disease has changed my life forever. It’s made me question everything in my life. I wish so dearly I could articulate in normal non & emotional words what it’s been like for the last 4 years. Or what it’s like right now each day. The frustration of just barely having enough energy to keep up with the day.

Well it’s taken two days to just write this simple touch base. I wish I had some amazing paintings to show or words of great importance to speak upon but I don’t. My pending court (divorce) has me spinning, frozen really. I have to attend without Katelyn or any support so I’m really very nervous. For me the cognitive issues PD caused start when I open my mouth. My word find is horrendous these days and I have a feeling since it’s a combative situation that my stress and symptoms may be rather like an elephant in the room come this Friday.
Well I’ll write when I can, I’ve some very poetic words to share with you, I just need to gather them up again an put them in order.

Much love and light to all.
“A life in progress ”



15 thoughts on “To long

      • ‘9 days ago’ I don’t know if you’ll read this before you close down your blog. But just 9 days ago you had optimism for 2016. I wish for it to return to you very soon. Even if this blog is in the past, my heartfelt wishes for you going forward. You have no idea what an impact you’ve had on so many through your art and your words and through opening your world to us. Respect. Much love to you X

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