One more holiday post…..

I was really trying not to do a holiday anything online this year but after consideration I’ve decided to write a tad of my feelings on holiday.
Firstly whatever you support or don’t really has zero effect on me so I’ll wish all of you simply that in your lifetime that you come to know a few things.

~That you find peace, true peace in your heart and mind. The kind only you can describe a place where onlyyou go.

~That even for a moment you stop and smell the roses, trees,air…. Anything just simply press the pause button on life and breath.

~lastly that you are present enough in your life to feel and give true love.
The kind of love that asks for nothing but the love you give and in turn gives it back to you ten-fold.

Happy Winter Solstice (give or take a day).
“Be the change you desire “


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