Quick hello~ Long goodbye.

Hi, hello… Life has been busy. Well maybe not to the standards of most but for me it’s been hard just to keep up with life let alone have time to write or paint. With a leaky basement 😩😩😩 storm drains backing up not to mention the totally normal random day to day bs of life,love,relationships,divorce,kids,parkinson’s,parking and traffic. I’m pretty much done after half that stuff lol.
Life as a whole depending on how I choose to look at it is either pretty darn cool and getting better or ridiculously complex and beyond my words of expression. Thankfully I tend to land in the first place more often than not.
Since this blog was started to express to others what it’s like to go from 400 mph in life to zero in 16 months due to Young onset Parkinson’s disease I figured, well I’d talk about it for a sec.

Since my diagnosis in Nov 7th 2011 and my epic diagnosis journey that started 16 month prior EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE HAS CHANGED. Now I’m sure that my story isn’t unique but one thing I’m sure of is that it’s been extreme. In short I’ve gone from being a relatively successful retail executive and small business owner to a man with a full time caregiver who often will ask 15 times a day the same question **side note; the question changes often but usually for some reason it’s about dinner..

So yeah……….
Parkinson’s sucks big time from my perspective. Thank god I’ve met some amazing people along my journey. People that I would truly lay down my life for. Some I’ve had to say goodbye to and some that have said goodbye to me yet all of whom have been in my life for a reason and for that I’m thankful. For even in my darkest of depressions and days where it feels I’ve no %#€<€£%!! control over my body I’m thankful. I’m thankful for every moment I still get to breath the air outside.
Hopefully before the holidays **Christmas for me
Arrive I’ll be able to complete a series of small pieces that I intend to give as gifts this year. I’m not really sure what I’m doing as far as selling art anymore. I haven’t sold a piece in over a year and I’m not sure I have the ability to deal with all of the aspects of running an online business basically. I don’t know really, I’ll always paint and write. I may just not do it publicly for a while. My life has been far more complicated than I ever could have imagined possible…. Oh well, cé la viē. That’s life.

I hope that any and all that take the time to read this are well. I hope in your life and your heart and soul that you can say you’re happy. If you’re not I hope that courage, strength and faith in yourself find you.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. Time is the one gift that you can give another human that means more than anything.

Much love and light.
Benjamin M Prewitt.
“A life in progress.”

**World meet Katelyn, I owe her my life. After being kicked out of my home and then returning from 6 months of very draining and heart breaking travel I came home……..
We found each other and haven’t been apart since. Thank you Katelyn for your support and love. You challenge me daily to be more patient,understanding and compassionate. You make me wake each day and try harder, for these things and more I thank you.
Always B.

24 thoughts on “Quick hello~ Long goodbye.

  1. Good morning, what an inspirational and uplifting post. I would say to you, keep painting and writing, as I believe that the creative process in all its many forms is the most healing element. Life is full of highs and lows – but throughout I do believe we always have something or someone to be grateful for. I wish you a peaceful, loving and creative day and Christmas period. Janet….and by the way I love your art. 🙂

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  2. so happy that you’ve found each other, people come into our lives at times when we least expect it, and that is powerful, just like your art and your words, sir benjamin. i’m happy the light has returned, and bravo to ms. k.

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  3. As long as you take pleasure from your painting and writing, Benjamin, that is all that matters.

    I have learned, being an indie author/poet, that lack of sales can be very disappointing and demoralising if that is the sole reason for your work.

    Writing is my passion and as such I view any sales of my published works as a bonus rather than a requirement.

    As long as I get comments about how my work, mainly my poetry, has touched people in one way or another or how they can relate to it, then that is more than I could have hoped for and is payment in full, (and then some), for the long hours of writing, publishing and publicising.

    Keep it up!

    Wishing Katelyn and your good self a very Merry Christmas and hopes that the new year brings you all that you want.


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    • Thank you thats very kind. Sales of art certainly are not mandatory, just nice. I guess i was spoiled for a bit. Truly the joy i recieve painting outweights dollars. I hope your holidays sre going well.

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    • Thanks and Katelyn is pretty nice. She puts up with me and has no misunderstanding about what PD does to the human bidy and mind yet shes stays. Im so thankful.
      Sending blessings and joy to you and yours.

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  4. Thanks for continuing to share your journey with us Ben. I know it can’t be easy to stay focused and positive at all times, but you do so more often than not. Your dignity in adversity serves as an example to us all. Happy Holidays my friend.

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  5. Ben, there are no words for what you have endured. I can only stand and bear witness. I hate to be the source of unwanted advice but I recently stumbled on some encouraging information that magnesium threonate and (switching gears) diamotaceous earth have helped some PD sufferers. Maybe not as a cure but any succor would be welcome, I’m sure.

    The best to you this holiday. So glad you haven’t been walking alone.


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