One more day……

One more day smiling and being thankful, one more day walking and talking, laughing with friends and family….. I never want to look back and say, why..? Why didn’t I…? Why didn’t I do,say,listen,love,laugh,dream,cry more,harder,better,longer. NO I WILL NOT. Look back an say these things to myself anymore!!!!! This is my story as yours is yours.
I’ve spent a great deal of my life worrying about literally everything. Planning, strategizing and anticipating for life’s turbulent behavior and ya know what it didn’t help a darn. Shut still happens you can’t plan for, people do completely unexpected things * side note: nothing is unexpected we just often lack the wisdom and fore-sight to see the situations outcome. That’s why we call it a “Life lesson” 🙃😜🙃. If we knew what was going to happen all the time we would never do anything interesting right?? I don’t know. Just a thought to ponder. But back on track. I’m tied of believing the lies I’ve told myself about my story an how to change it. I’m changing me. No more regret, sadness and sorrow. No more why,didn’t I behavior and language. I’ve tried, I’ve been honest and kind, thoughtful as I can be ( Parkinsons does horrible horrible things to the perception part of the brain or at least the brain chemicals that make that process happen.)
So what’s the moral of this midmorning psycho-babble… Don’t wait… Do… Don’t spend to much time living in the land of could’a should’a. I’m rewriting my story now because the one I was living before wasn’t a good story. I didn’t know it was going to change, at the time I didn’t want it to change.. But now I realize that it has… Completely and irrevocably changed and as much as I want some of those things to never change… They have and thank god, I’ve learned the skills to let go, to see a little more clearly and realize that no matter what as long as I’m breathing I’m happy and I’m going to remain happy…!! Why, how? You may ask.. The answer really is that simple, I’m choosing to be…

Well, that’s it. My body has been getting the best of me these days after I raced to finish the something red piece on time, which by the way I failed to get done 😦 Parkinson’s disease is a fickle bitch.
Emotional Perception
24×36″ *unframed
Mixed media
200 us


Well my friends and family that read this blog, thank you. Thank you for bring a part of this story, my story. Thank you for letting me be a part of yours. It’s been an experience that’s for sure… This life… Take care, much love and light.

“A life in progress”



4 thoughts on “One more day……

  1. Ci vu play . I love you darling son shut does happen if God let you knew what each day around the corner would bring you you couldn’t handle it, no one could, that’s why he loves us so much to be our Father in heaven. It’s His ballgame and he gave you the free will to chose Him or not..what a loving Father he is. Merci boqure Benjamin. I love that painting how many will you sell?


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