Tis the season…

There was a time when being a painter was just a dream. The dream of a young man hoping to someday garner the attention of his father. A man whom the young boy so desprately wanted to impress and be worthy of his time…..That was a long time ago and that boy grew I showed and painted in my twenties, sold, laughed, danced and howled at the moon with the others artist of the day. Then came life….I lived a great life, I’ve had the luxury of travel and a good career. Ive known the love of a woman, how to be a good father and how to be. Ive learned from the struggle of losing everything to Parkinson’s Disease. Now tis the season of thanks again and i find myself in a new place, a new place of love and change.A place of things forgotten and not yet learned. Im in a place of thanks and appreciation for all the things i have in my life.
“Walking home ”

As always, I hope the world has been kind to you and you to it. For if not us then who?

Cheers and Happy Holidays, such a trip that Christmas is almost here again.
Much love,
“A life in progress “

15 thoughts on “Tis the season…

  1. A poignant reflection Ben, apt for the season which is the way of things….to lick wounds and count blessings. Certainly seems to me as I age that rejoicing is a noble thing that makes enables us to see beneath the veil. The goals may become more and more limited, by that makes the blessing all the more sweet.
    You’re a good man, Benjamin. I’m blessed to know a little of you 🙂


      • Well…you have proved yourself to be, so no thanks involved, as it wasn’t a compliment, but an observation:)
        I am thankful for your courage, your sharing, your sheer willingness to be what we are – broken and trying to keep our heads above water.
        Given that in the US Thanksgiving week is starting, I still find myself spazzing out for no good reason at all 🙂 I’m in the UK, but old habits die hard…wish Christmas could just be reserved for Christ – that’d be a BIG help – lol!
        Wishing you peace, brother!


    • Happy Thanksgiving Pepper, i sure miss you. Katelyn is going to be working lots so I am looking forward to catching up! I promised her we wouldn’t talk after she read some of our romantic messages last year, before you visited me and stayed in my bed and treated my girlfriend like dirt… but your just too irresistible for me. I won’t ever stop talking to you My dear, dear ‘friend’.


  2. A life in progress that we all work through one step at a time – you’ve had your fair share of the trials and lessons, more than the ordinary man. My best to you Benjamin during this Thanksgiving, thank you for being a blogging friend, and for the Christmas season.

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    • Thank you for being a blogging friend too. The best to you as well, this is my second season without my family. I dont imagine it will be any easier than the first, but like you mentioned, one day, one step at a time.

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