This morning……

The soft light of the day gently woke me from my slumber as the winds whispered your name.
I thought of your caring touch and warm heart. The way you and only you had the way to chase the demons away. Years of fever and pain..

I was gone for along time…. I’m sorry, I was trying to learn to be strong enough to bear the burden of this world.
I felt you in the wind this morning……. Encouraging me not to give up and I listened.. Thank you…..
Thank you for going to a place where I can always find you…
A soft light of the day gently woke me from my slumber and I thought of you.

Ode to my Grandmothers;
I may not be the man I thought I’d be but I’m not the man I’m going to be either. I was raised by 3 sets of grandparents and a few aunts and uncles. I do have a mom left who has become a much welcomed friend but I owe my life to my elders. Today I’m thankful to breathe, wake each day and have the ability to walk, remember my name or even what day it is.
I hope wherever you are and what ever happens to you that you take the time to heal your broken heart,body and mind.

“A life in progress.”


Silver and gold
2015 digitally enhanced imagine.

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